Can this computer run Skyrim?

Hello, I recently stumbled upon this computer:

I checked Minimum Requirement and found out that AMD Radeon HD 6550D Graphics meets the minimum requirements for Skyrim, however I was wondering if the computer can handle the game at Medium Settings? Or Low Settings?

If it can only handle it at Low Settings, will it be able to run it smoothly with no random lag (when around lots of NPC/Monsters)?

Oh, I don't know if the processor can handle the please click the link!

I was also wondering if the computer can handle BF3 smoothly (on Low/Medium). I really do not care about Graphics that much (Low is fine), I just care if it will run smoothly or not :)

(Oh, if the computer can run Skyrim, it will run League of Legends at 60 FPS right?)

Thank you for your help!
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  1. It depends alot on the memory speed which is not specified and what resolution you want to play at. I think it will play skyrim OK on low maybe medium at low res. battlefield will be playable on low in singleplayer but I think multiplayer may lag on any settings.
  2. Yes you can.
    But don't expect groundbreaking FPS on ultra
    P.S I am putting that lightly.
  3. I would suggest reading this article from this very website before purchasing that PC...or at least consider getting an addin card to replace the deafult one.,2975.html

    To be fair...if you coupled an nvidia 660ti or similar to that PC it will run most games at a very good long as you could get one that would fit the low form factor that case seems to have. (Although that might be a trick of the picture I saww of the PC)
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