Fix for fallout 3 on wondows 8

When I try to launch the game Fallout 3 it immediatly crashes i tried launching on low settings but that still does not work. Does anyone know a fix for this.
My computer has an Nvidea gtx 670 GPU, I7 processor clocked at 3.6, 16 gig RAM so the issue is not a hardware issue.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. install windows 7
    it is by far the better operating system

    on a more serious note i doubt there is any sort of fix for that due to the age of the game and the low uptake of windows 8 among the gaming community
  2. Try this!, right click on the the fallout 3 launch icon, go to properties, click on it a tab should open click on compatibility mode, set it to windows 7 sp2. apply the settings.
    Once done right click again and run the exe in administrator mode.
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