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Mechwarrior Online is killing my computer

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February 7, 2013 1:04:58 AM

Hi all i have a Toshiba Qosmio x505 q870 and I used to run this game not too badly.

The basic specs are core I7, 4 gigs 1066 Ram, GTS 350M GPU so its really showing its age.

I used to be able to run the game all night with the occasional reload of the client (to clear memory leak issues) at low resolution and low medium graphic settings, at playable 15-20 FPS during heavy combat. Two patches ago, everything changed. My computer ran hot as all hell (used to run around high 60s, now its low to mid 70s) which i think might be causing causing some shutdown and mem leak issues. I even bought a laptop cooler and it doesnt seem to be helping all that much. I've already blew all the dust out with canned air and have always kept excess processes at a minimum, getting rid of bloatware and using GameBooster for performance boosts.

Finally got exasperated I decided to buy some new 8 gigs of Patriot PC3-12800 1600 RAM which from the toshiba website itself says are totally compatible (they listed other brands but the general specs are exactly the same).

Replaced the old ram, ran Speccy to see if it got detected and the first game i ran i noticed a nice FPS increase to 25-30 in heavy combat and thought all my problems are over. 2nd game in, i froze up and had to do a cold shutdown. I chalked it up to MWO being a buggy ass game and started it up again and then 3 games into the next session i got another hard freeze. After which part i figured something is wrong and have gone on researching what i might do.

Ive talked to friends and read several other forums talking of these issues, and i'm running memtest86 right now. I guess i can always redouble triple check to see if i popped in the RAM snugly, but i hightly doubt that's the issue.

After memtest i'll prolly put my old ram back in and see if there's any changes.

Im truly at a loss and am utterly afraid of playing any game that will tax my laptop and potentially causing major damage.

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February 7, 2013 6:56:34 AM

Instead of trying to figure out how to get around the game's requirements, or what you can do to prevent damage....

1) Stop playing/trying to play the game..
2) Upgrade your laptops graphics, get a new laptop, or switch to a desktop PC. (Recommended for PC gaming).

There's nothing wrong, weird, unbelievable, frustrating, or uncommon about your issue. Your computer is not strong enough to handle this game, and any times that you did, your computer was just having a good day.

I don't mean to come off rude, but that's the most straightforward and useful answer you'll get.
February 7, 2013 6:30:17 PM

Well i figured out the freezing problem. My new RAM wasnt compatible with my mobo. For some odd reason the new RAM wont be powered to their right specs at 1.28v instead of their required 1.35v, despite the old RAM needing 1.5v of juice to run. So thats one worrisome problem solved.

The other issue of my laptop just simply isnt up to snuff might just be the case. As much as i hate to upgrade to a new one, i guess i was hoping for a magic bullet to solve my problems.

Well guess i'll see if a switching to the right RAM (1333) will see a big enough improvement to stave off the inevitable.