Freezing Followed by a brrrrr noise

Hello, I am experienceing a problem that has me pulling my hair out already.

AMD FX-8150 3.6Ghz CPU
GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 (Revision 1.2)
8GB PNY DDR3 1333MHz(2 Sticks 4GBx4GB) + 8GB Kingston DDR3 1333MHz(2 Sticks 4GBx4GB) Total: 16GB
Rocketfish 900W PSU
Seagate Barricuda 1TB HDD

This is the part that stumps me, because it makes no sense to me so far.
My computer is freezing midstream when I am gaming, followed by a "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" noise emitted by the speakers.
The only way to get this to go away is to push the reset button and reboot the system.
The only time it freezes is when I am gaming, it never freezes while surfing the internet or idling at desktop, only when I am gaming.
It does this at different times on different games.

Games It Has Frozen On:
Dead Space 3
Far Cry 3
Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Garrys Mod

Solutions I Have Tried:
Clean installation of GPU Drivers.
Updating BIOS for the motherboard.
Varius driver reinstallation (Audio and LAN driver)
Format of HDD and reinstallation of windows.

Other thoughts:
I'm pulling my hair out on this one.
Updating BIOS didn't work, still freezes, but takes longer to freeze after BIOS update.
Dead Space 3 froze almost 10 minutes into coop.
Black Ops II freezes near wave 23-25 on Zombies.
Far Cry 3 seems to freeze at random times.
Garrys Mod froze once, and hasnt frozen since BIOS update(Will update if it does).

Solutions I am Currently Trying:
I have disabled my onboard audio (realtek HD Audio) and have ordered a sound card on the reccomendation of a solution someone else had to this problem, but, this audio solution was for a Battlefield 3 problem that seems to be IDENTICAL to mine.

Link to youtube video:

Other Thoughts(Continued):
When the sound card shows up, I will update this post with either the good news, or that I have wasted my money on a sound card.
I bought this Motherboard+CPU on January 5th 2013, I believe.

Can someone tell me why this computer is doing this?
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  1. Yeah, it definitely appears to be a sound issue. Have you noticed a particular noise being played just before the freeze happens? And have you tried lowering your sound quality both in game and out of game?

    I had this problem a year ago or so with a few games and fixed it by lowering audio quality. Try playing Dead Space 3 again, and BO II, but instead of playing the game just sit there and see if it still happens around the same times. It seems to be event based, with a particular sound being played at a specific point in progression.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    I forgot this in the information:

    I did try lowering the sound quality through playback devices, from 24 bit 48000 Hz to 16 bit 96000 Hz.
    Black ops II still crashed on wave 23 of zombies.
    Didnt play Dead Space 3 after it crashed.
    That's when I found the sound issue thread on a different forum.

    Update on Dead Space 3:
    With the onboard audio OFF, unstead of freezing, Dead Space 3 Made it about 45 minutes into the game from the prologue and then just crashed to desktop stating that DS3.exe has stopped working(Progress?).

    Going to try removing ram, as the two kingston sticks are part of a set, and the PNY is getting removed, because on first installation, one stick registerred as 2.5GB instead of the 4Gb that the stick actually is.
    Also, this started happening randomly about 2 days after the PNY RAM was installed.
  3. Best answer
    Good call. Try running with just one stick of RAM. If it still occurs, play around with the sticks/slots and see if you get any varying results.

    Will be on standby.
  4. One thing I would like to note:
    When I got this processor/Motherboard upgrade, the processor completely rejected one of my four sticks of kingston ram.
    I isolated this stick of ram and removed it, and the processor would boot normally, and function properly.
    I almost RMA'd the processor, because the box came with this large ding in it.(FedEX shipping ALWAYS messes with my orders)
    But, the thing that still stumps me is that this FX-8150 rejected a completely fine stick of Kingston RAM.
    (I tested the RAM with a socket AM3 Phenom II Thuban 1090T six core, and it picks up all four sticks of ram and went flawlessly for about a year(when I upgraded in early January) and then this processor flat out rejects this one stick f perfectly good ram.
    But as I said earlier, the thing that gets me is that it worked perfectly untill about 2 weeks ago(right around the time the PNY RAM was acquired.

    What the processor did when it rejected the stick of ram was odd.
    It would go through the BIOS boot fine, but when windows would START to load, it would just restart and cycle like this forever in a endless loop.(It would flash Loading Windows and then restart)
    I just tried it again after the BIOS update(Just to eliminate the motherboard BIOS rejecting it) about 5 minutes ago and it still rejects the one ram stick, odd. Maybe the memory controller on the CPU is wonky.

    I still think that fedex broke my processor, as AMD has a habit of testing High end CPUs before they get packaged and shipped to an online supplier.

    Did some RAM testing, the one stick will not even let the bios load(As in I dont even a signal from the GPU)
    The fans just spin up and then reset back to low RPM like it's trying to boot, but cannot.

    So Far:
    Dead Space 3 seems to work flawlessly without the PNY RAM.
    Going to test Black Ops II Now.
    Let's hope it's just the RAM, I dont think I can RMA y CPU any more.
  5. Run memtest it will prove the RAM is running OK or not. Also is the RAM set to the correct speed, latency and voltage in the bios?
  6. Get CPU-Z and GPU-Z to look at your temperatures while using the program furmark. Post the max. Temps.
    If this doesn´t crash you can stresstest your CPU with Prime95, also post Temps.
  7. Well, I will post temps for CPUZ and GPUZ when I run the test, but this is not presenting itself as an overheating issue.
    Under load the GPU flutters around 59C.
    Under load the CPU stays at a steady 49C.
    Idling the GPU stays around 36C.
    Idling at about 2% usage (Desktop) the CPU moves around in the 15C to 28C range.

    Once again, this is not presenting itself as a heat issue, the highest the CPU ever gets to under load is about 59C.

    I clean this computer out every other week.
    That means that I blow out all dust from the CPU heatsink, GPU heatsink, and the fans are removed and whiped down to remove dust.
    Then the motherboard gets a shot of compressed air.
    This this is so clean you could eat off of the motherboard.

    The one stick of PNY ram froze the computer when I ran memtest.
  8. Good News:

    The problem was being caused by both PNY RAM sticks.
    When plugged into another computer, it experiences the same freezing problem.
    (The noise emitted when this one crashes is demonic.)

    Side Note:

    Going to call Best Buy tomorrow and ask why they sold me demonic RAM.
    Then ask them to replace the satanic RAM.

    Please mark this thread as solved if you don't mind.
  9. CampisGrinder said:
    Good News:The problem was being caused by both PNY RAM sticks.
    When plugged into another computer, it experiences the same freezing problem.
    (The noise emitted when this one crashes is demonic.)

    Awesome. Good to hear and glad you got it solved. :)
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