PC turns OFF while playing games Pro Evolution Soccer

hey guys, first I apologize if there is other thread like this.. but I really have no idea what happen to my PC..

I buy my computer in september 2011 with spec like this

processor : intel core i5 2500
mainboard : asrock z68 pro3
Graphic card : sapphire radeon hd 5850
Memory ram 4 gb. (only 2 Giga Usable because I'm using win 7 32 GB)
Power Supply : Cougar Powerx 550 watt
case : venomrx habu
monitor : Dell St 2320 23"

At first, My computer running fine to play game like PES in 1920x1080p or NBA (I always use stabilizer)..and in september 2012, I graduated and bring my computer back to my hometown. I leave my computer for 3 weeks because I'm on vacation.

After back from Vacation, my stabilizer is lost so I am not using it for a while. and I use it again after a week.. but my computer seems to have trouble, it's shut off when I'm playing game Pro Evolution Soccer, usually after there is a Goal, Goal kick, or Corner when the replay is about to start.

My hometown is a small town, so computer service in my town is not too good.

I bring my computer to service center for check it, and this stupid service center in my hometown say it's Graphic Card, so I sent my Graphic card because it's still on warranty. but the official service center say, nothing wrong with the Graphic Card

I bring my computer to other service center, this time they can replace some hardware component, but after they replace graphic Card, Hard Disk, or Power Supply (but their power supply only have 500 watt) , the problem still occur. I asked them to clean the whole component of my computer in case of overheating but it doesn't work. The only component that haven't been check is motherboard and processor. but I read here if the mainboard have a problem then there must be some other issue like driver, but it doesn't occur here.

I bring my computer home, this time I try to play PES in 1366x768p and my computer is fine..

I change my resoultion to 1600x900 and the problem occur again after I score some goal..usually after 3rd goal, the computer shut off again.


My Question :
is this a power supply problem? it confused me because before buy the PSU, I have asked several forum, and say My PSU is strong enough. and in first year, my computer run fine without a problem.. the service center try use their Power supply but their power supply only have 500 watt.

what should I do then?
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  1. Hi Codrea! You mentioned the service center replaced your video card and your power supply. What are the specs of these new parts?
  2. scragnoff said:
    Hi Codrea! You mentioned the service center replaced your video card and your power supply. What are the specs of these new parts?

    hi scragnof thx for reply..

    I don't know because I forbid to enter their worker room. but It's look like my spec is still higher than them. they only said their power supply only have 500 watt. but too bad I don't know the brand.

    still don't know the solution :cry:
  3. Try running memtest and both CPU & GPU tests in OCCT.
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