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Hey everyone, ive recently started having problems with my pc where it freezes, not bsod, just freezes with looping sounds when I play games on steam like TF2 and Borderlands 2. it started happening randomly a few weeks ago and one day recently when i turned it on my PSU started smoking and the system cut out. thinking that was the problem all along I bought a new one and expected everything to be fine, now that its installed, my pc works again but I'm still having freezing problems when i play games, usually after just a few minutes. My system specs are:

Intel Core i5 -2500K @ 3.30ghz (not overclocked)
ATI Radeon HD 5700
Gigabyte Z68A mobo
8 GB Kingston Ram @1333
650 PSU
320 GB HDD

This system was built by myself years ago but these parts are being updated every 12-18 months, that said this system has been working fine for well over 6 months until this started happening recently. If anyone has any ideas, please share with me, because I'm stumped..
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  1. I would check temps. Checkk for dust and report back!
  2. Had speed fan running since I replaced the PSU and its all within normal ranges, CPU upto 45-50 at the most, graphics card 60 at the most.

    Dust isnt an issue either, I clean it out on an almost monthly basis and it was done in the not too recent past. Thanks for responding mi1ez but I don't think these could be the issue.
  3. And while posting that Report, I had 2 people message me on steam at the same time, so had steam downloading updates, I had defraggler doing a defragment of my C: Drive and google chrome open, so not really doing much and the system froze then, so not even really under load, it seems to be getting worse : /
  4. Run Memtest to check the RAM is OK. What power supply did you get?
  5. chkdsk?
  6. I will try Memtest now Simon thanks. Its nothing fancy but its a 650w, no bells and whistles but more than capable of running this setup.

    Can i ask what chkdsk is Mi1ez?
  7. It might be worth noting, I had a full 2 hour game of Left 4 Dead with friends last night with no issue, and today My pc is freezing for a about 30 seconds at a time, occasionally posting a message saying display drivers have stopped working. It seems the problem is flaring up and dying down, but after getting some advice from the best amateur PC technician I know (my dad =] ) Im gona take out the graphics card, remove all files associated with ATI and put it back in and re download them. I'll post here with any results I get, in the mean time, Im really thankful for the help ive received so far, If anyone else has any ideas please post and I'll try what you suggest.
  8. If its a driver issue that will fix it. I am still a bit worried about the power supply is it a known brand or just a cheap 300W with a sticker saying 650W (I got one myself once before I knew better).
  9. chkdsk checks your hard drives. Open a command window, type in

    chkdsk c: /r

    Then reboot.
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