How to restore graphics cad to factory settings

My radeon 7770 came pre-overclocked. Ocasionally Some of my games crash and from what ive been told this may have to do with the fact that my graphics card is over heating due to the fact that its been overclocked, i was wondering if somone could help me figure out how to reset it to normal, and if this is indeed why some games crash. thanks
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  1. I believe you can do it through MSI's overdrive or similar, or reflash the ROM.

    What temps are you getting? Is it worth blasting the dust out?
  2. Hi :)

    Some of the 7000 series had a button to reset the card, if not , look at the Manufacturers site...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. before you go reflashing have you checked what temperatures you are getting too? wouldn't it be easier to sort out the heat issue than underclocking and losing performance on your graphics card?
  4. use gpu-z check the core temps and the vddc temps.
  5. Open Catalyst Control Center, find the Defaults button in the bottom left corner and click on it.

    Mactronix :)
  6. If it wont run properly at defaults then the card is probably faulty and dropping it to stock clocks from the tested factory OC wont make any difference.

    Mactronix :)
  7. i checked the temps while playing one of my games that tends to crash. my graphics card tends to hover around 45-55 celcius, altough at one point it got up to 60. I have no clue how hot is to hot though. If this isnt overheating does anyone have any sugestions as to why im having isues?
  8. It isn't overheating. What are your full specs and what sort of crashes are they?

    Drivers up to date? Windows?
  9. oppen ccc and go to the perfomance menu open the overdrive tab and click default.
    then go to 3d aplications menu under the gaming tab and hit defaults again.
    then rinse and repeat for all the other tabs in the ccc pannel.
    1s done your done.
    make sure you keep your amd drivers up to date with the latest whql releases at the very least. amd are releasing them every 3 months now but are releaseing beta drivers every few weeks so that may be your prefered option if your a heavy gamer.

    if your still having issues then run a reg cleaner like ccleaner. open the reg cleaner tool and run it repeatedly till you have no more errors.
    if this doesnt clear up the problem uninstall the amd drivers, and run ccleaner again, clean the registry again and reboot. then reinstall the amd drivers.
    if you upgraded from an nvida card but didnt repair windows after then that may lead to stability issues. so if you did do that either fresh install or repair windows.
  10. mi1ez said:
    It isn't overheating. What are your full specs and what sort of crashes are they?

    Drivers up to date? Windows?

    Windows 7, 10 gigs ddr 1.5 tb memory 700w psu
  11. Full specs. Makes, models.
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