What is this game called?

Back in like 2002 or so i played a pc game that i loved. i forgot the name of it. it starts off with you being resurrected from hell or something. it is M rated and has an isometric camera angle. You make choices much like Mass Effect, but you fight with swords and stuff. Ring any bells? if it helps shortly after you gain control of the character, you decide a man's fate, whether to kill him or not i believe.
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    Check this list -

    This shows a list of RPG games released on PC.
    I'm on page 9 which shows releases in 2002 and 2003.
    Go ahead one page to look at older releases or go back one page to look at newer releases.
  2. I'm positive that it is The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

    Haven't you played Skyrim or Oblivion? The following games in the franchise? :)
  3. Morrowind is a first person game. Sure it can be played from 3rd person view, but it doesn't play very well that way. Also, you start off on a prison ship. As soon as you gain control you are not in a situation where you control a man's fate.
  4. The only major PC-rpg titles from that era with isometric camera angles that come to mind are Baldur's Gate II (2000), Diablo 2 (2000), Icewind Dale II (2002), & Neverwinter Nights (2002).
  5. I do believe i found it. The game Revenant seems to bring up some fuzzy memories, and it does have much i recall as deja-vu. Thank you all for the responses.
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