Hd4870 driver: sapphire or amd?

Hello everyone,

I am currently running a sapphire vapor-x 1gb hd4870 graphics card on win7 64bit and have just reformatted my pc. I was going to dl the driver from sapphire like I normally do but I went to amd's site to see if they have a different version. Indeed they do - v13.1 compared to sapphires 12.3.

My question is essentially, which one should i download?

I can't see a list of additional features for the amd one, but recently the driver from sapphire no longer includes the amd overdrive (its grayed out) which I really want back.

Any advice appreciated

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  1. get the latest from amd. the saphire 1s are out of date and only available for easy of use on the first install to get the gfx working. after that you use the original gfx vendor amd. unlike some laptop manufacturers there is no hardware related limits imposed on desktop parts. lappy manufacturers have a habbit of locking there customers out where desktop parts manufacturers prefer openness.
  2. Thanks for your help :)
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