Xinput1_3 dll is missing from your computer how to recover this file

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  1. do what i say.......
    go to google search and type ''download xinput1_3d.dll''
    u'll get the first result and it'll direct u to a dll download site.
    now download the .rar file and unrar it.
    u'll have the required file u want..//.
    now copy the .dll file and paste it into
    paste it inside system32 and u are done......
  2. dont bother. your likely to end up with malware or some other problem.
    when you get the message xinput1_3d.dll is missing it means your missing part of direct x and it needs updating. not only will it update the required missing file you will also get any other dll's that are also missing. which is another problem with downloading dll's singularly. download and run this web installer from microsoft.

    run both and you will be fully up to date.
    dont forget that xinput dlls come with other packages such as games for windows live. if you have it and need it to play a game make sure you update it with every new game that uses the service.
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