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I was wondering what would be the best arrangement for these 8 case fans that are in my case . I have two in the lower front for intake, one on the top center of the case as exhaust, the two on the side exhaust the air and the two in the back exhaust the air. The powersupply fan on the bottom of the unit picks up heat and transfers it out the back of the psu so I have a total of 10 fans not to mention this dinky NB fan. I know that you have to set these fans up for optimal air flow and im not sure if my current setup is fine or if I am creating a vaccum with some spaces in the case becoming dead zones with airflow. Any suggestions on how to arrange the fans?

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  1. make the two side fans intakes. counter-strike game server -
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  2. Higgs is right. The left side fan blowing directly on the motherboard is especially helpfull.

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  3. I have a v1000d bought (new) a couple of weeks ago with fans pre-installed and as per the guys advice above - the 2 side fans are definately intake fans.
  4. Glad this post is here - reason i came here is does anyone know if i am better off having the top exhaust fan running off of the hardcano 9 (always at full speed) or would i be better off running it off of the Antec True550 w psu (fan plug). I know the psu adjusts the fan speed i think. But im not sure of the fan speed at any setting for the hardcano 9. If i knew which always runs faster i think i would use it. So bottom line is - does anyone know the max fan speed for the hardcano 9?
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