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Hey guys,

So I own a Gigabyte Radeon 7870 and this is a directx11 video card.

I recently installed crysis and i believe it installed directx 10... When i run crysis it shows that I am running directx 10 32bit... but when i run dxdiag in windows it says i am running directx 11... which one is right?

Also, when i run dxdiag, I get the option to run it in 64bit mode... Upon exiting and reopening, i have to click run in 64bit mode again... is there a way to run directx on 64bit natively?

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    DirectX is backwards compatible. If you install DirectX 11, you gain access to DirectX versions before. It is up to the game to choose which DirectX version it'll use. Most games will be DirectX 9, 32-bit, but some will use other versions, such as Crysis 1 using DX10, and Crysis 2 using DX11 if you have the patch.
  2. dxdiag shows you are running DX11 because you ARE running DX11.
    It's like this - If you are running a PS1 game on a PS2 , the PS1 game is not going to run or look any better just because you are playing it on a PS2
  3. Thanks guys
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