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Skyrim Laptop Stuttering Issues

Ok so i bought Skyrim for PC today and after around 1 hour of playing i notest that when ever i look near the ground in first person view my weapon stutters a lot. I play on 1366x768 (32-bit, 60Hz).


Dell Inspiron 5520 Laptop
Intel i7-3612QM CPU (2.10GHz, 8 CPUs)
Windows 7 Premium 64-bit
Intel HD 4000 + Radeon HD 7670M 1GB (Switchable Graphics)

I usually play on Medium settings and get around 30-45 FPS on average. Its odd because when i play in 3rd-Person there is no stuttering whatsoever, also when i try to do the default graphics settings it puts it on Low even though i can play the game on High settings.

I have tried all the graphical settings but nothing seems to work for me, turing off FXAA helps a little bit but not much. I have tried reinstalling my drivers and updating them but its still the same, most of the stuttering stops if i play on Windowed mode but the game crashes after a few minutes on that setting.

Help please! Its really frustrating that i cant just buy a game and play it without any stupid bugs like this.
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  1. hd7670 is one of the weakest mobile chipsets around......
    i m sure its your gpu which is not able to handle skyrim.....but i m sorry u cannot help it/....
  2. @Armageddon: Read the post before answering.

    @OP: Try defragging your hard drive. Does turning down the settings get rid of the stuttering? Perhaps try disabling shadows.
  3. really....should have read the thread thoroughly......
    lol i missed out what the chap was trying to say...
    well ,then ,this seems an absurd issue to me..
    try what majin cry said.......
    and sorry for such a wierd answer....
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    AMD have had a lot of stuttering issues. Updating to the latest drivers are supposed to solve the problem.
  5. I figured that it must be something to do with Radeon 7670, because when i play it on the Intel HD 4000 i have no stuttering issues at all but i can only play it on low settings.
  6. Fixed it! running the game in letterbox mode works.
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