Bf3 + multiplayer + hd 7750 + core 2 duo = ?

With a 6gigs ddr2 ram and the Core 2 duo e6750 @ 2.66Ghz
I am planning to play BF3 online 64 player maps 1280x1024 all low preset

And campain offline on medium-high to ultra with no aa

will i get bout 50fps in campaign and 30-40 fps online?
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  1. Campaign, you will get FPS that will make the game playable at least. It will not be lower than 30 fps in most of the occasions.

    While playing online, lower down everything, and you will be able to play the game at your desired fps if you have a good internet connection.

    A suggestion. Turn off Motion Blur in the game while playing offline. It will help gain noticeable amount of fps.

  2. ok
    but a friend said lowering settings will be more bottleneck so keep medium to high on online 1280x1024 and will get bout 35-40 fps
    he has hd 7750 + dual core cpu
  3. What he said was correct. Just try out some settings. You GPU will ensure that you get good fps at some settings.
  4. to play multiplayer you will need a quad core to play smoothly also your gfx wont give you high or ultra. it will give a mix of high and medium. dont forget to turn blur off or you will incur a heavy hit on the gpu.
    the 7750 isnt a strong gfx card. its low midrange but should work well enough on your small screen. as far as gaming goes. it will max out a lot of older titles like call of duty 4,5,6 @720p but bf3 punishes even the best cards due to poor clipping on some maps.
    but like i said your cpu will likely cause the biggest issue as the frostbite engine needs a quad to run smoothly or it wont let you max out the performance of even the most poultry of cards. a gtx 270 for instance ( a good card 3 years ago) will bounce between 40 and 5 fps when paired with a dual core on bf3 but will give 125 fps solid on cod 4.
  5. by hearing from those who have identical setup say at high with no aa hd 7750 plays 64 player map at 40fps average.....
    so belive it as i saw on youtube tooo
  6. if you can live with fps bounce then feel free to ignore everything i posted... im just trying to save you some money on a game i know doesnt work very well on a dual core setup.
    on some maps the game is smooth to play but on others it will crumple your system. so i wont stop you but i did warn you.
  7. this is the comparison of a 7750 on both low and ultra settings and this is on an empty server. never take what you see on the web as truth until you can verify it...
    yes he's playing at 1080p but that wont make much difference on a card that has more than 768mb of ddr5 maybe 4-5 fps in light load areas.
  8. ty
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