Decent PC keeps crashing after minimal time into games lately?

Hey Tom's!
I've exhausted all my hardware knowledge and am desperate for an answer. My second machine lately has been crashing about 10 to 20 minutes into games such as Battlefield 3 and Team Fortress 2. This machine worked solid for years until a few days ago. These lock ups last about a minuteish then free up. The game will automatically disconnect them from the server. It doesn't seem like its overheating. The GPU sits at around 60 some odd, and the CPU sits at around 48 even while idling, and doesn't seem to change but 1 or 2 celcius when the game is launched. At least it seems to claim that. I thought I'd try to upgrade to Windows 8, gets me a little further in game but not much. I'm kinda low on there any way that Windows logs this? I don't want to have to replace nearly everything, but at this point I'm pretty desperate. The specs:

AMD Phenom 1090T Black Edition
EVGA GeForce 560
Coolermaster 500W Green Series
Gigabyte GA-M68-S2P Rev. 3
Windows 8 (did same thing on 7)
Western Digital 1TB Drive
8GB RAM (forget the manufacturer)

Any help is appreciated....thank you so much guys! :wahoo:
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  1. Did you update your GPU drivers recently? Try rolling back to earlier versions of the drivers and see if it works.

    Might be your internet too. Play the games in Single Player and see if it freezes there too.

  2. I have. Most certainly is not the graphics drivers. Seems like the CPU will just hang, will even do outside of games. It will resume activities thereafter, but takes a second to get there.

    Isn't the internet, have a very solid connection :) bill is kinda hefty, but worth it.

    Think it could be the heat sink? Any ideas at all? Seems like a hardware issue that is beyond me
  3. Does the CPU reach 100% usage?
  4. It does not
  5. Not sure what it is. Try downloading OCCT and run 1sdt the CPU then the GPU stress tests keeping an eye on the temps and see what happens.
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