Water Cooling GeForce 6800

About to go for a Geforce 6800 perferably one of the ones manufactured with a water block already on it. Now Although I already have water cooling for my cpu, and I know this sounds crazy,I want to have a different water cooling system for my Geforce, nothing big and fancy, just a semi decent pump, small reservoir (like holding 1 or 2 cups) and perferably a smaller radiator (like about 80mm) with a vantech steath strapped to it.

I plan to place all of these parts within my case, and so noise, size, and reliability are all important.

Do you guys have any recommendations on which parts to use for what I'm planning?

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  1. The Hydor L20 will do you nicly and is very small+cheap, a small reservoir will be easy to find. Dunno what would be the best radiator though.

    I know some of the new gainward cards are suposed to come with waterblocks but I thought they had the entire cooling kit and not just the block?

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  2. HW labs' micro series radiators are great.

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  3. Yeah I'll probably end up going with a black ice series micro radiator. most likely the 80mm since it will only need to cool the GPU. Unless you guys think that's a bad idea...

    As for the card, I heard BFG is putting out one that just has a water block on it, with no cooling system. Haven't heard about any that have a cooling system included or what those would cost.

    Any thoughts on companies producing the geforce 6800 and the quality of products, how good of a warantee they give for when I do purchase the 6800?
  4. Here is the watercooled gainward card article I read <A HREF="http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=16824" target="_new">http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=16824</A>

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  5. uh yeah, 800 something pounds for a water cooled card is a little bit much don't you think? I mean pounds are somewhere between 1.5 or 1.25 pounds to the dollar at least last time I checked. And I can assemble a radiator, fan, and pump for a BFG card for a total of about $700 all together US dollars.

    Also, how big of a radiator do I need considering it will be entirely commited to the Geforce 6800 and not anything else? do you think I will be fine with a 80 mm(radiator)? or do you feel I would need something bigger than that like a 120 mm or more?
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