how to eliminate pump vibrations

The subject (of the post) is accually a joke off the beach boys song not saying I'm having a critical issue with my pump's vibrating.

However, of my different water cooling components my pump seems to make the most noise from it's vibration. do you have any tips on how to quiet a pump's vibration that is loud?

I changed the post name from "bad bad bad pump vibrations" because I don't think people apretiate the humor<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by PhoenixKnights on 07/03/04 10:28 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. I just put mine in an icecream bucket with water.

    What pump do you have? Inline? or submergible?

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  2. I have a danner Mag Drive 3 that provides 10 feet of head since I have it about 2 feet below my processor and have it pump through a heater core that's probably a good thing.

    Now I currently have the said pump screwed (it has a base with screw holes) into my box holding my heater core, fans reservoir, and pump, which I'm sure is transfering alot of vibration, but does of course secure it against any kind of motion that involves the whole unit.

    I'd like to keep the pump secure from moving around if I decide to move the computer, but still eliminate the trasfer of vibration as much as possible. Any ideas guys?

  3. haha...vibratiing pumps..what are you? a vagina?

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  4. uh yeah that's really funny BlackPhoenix, were all your posts that got you your "addict" status as pathetic, and immature as this uninformative one?

    Please only actual ideas to help me with my question as replys to the post please. Not attempts at moronic jokes.
  5. just ignore him. And lighten up a little, I understand you have a problem and you want it fixed, but you need to beable to take the odd stupid post to get there.

    As for the vibrations, try getting some 5mm thick rubber sheets, cut and fit them between the pump and the case. The rubber will absorb the vibrations.

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  6. I'll take the odd joke here and there, but I dislike immature posts that are random like that. thanks for the advice ned.
  7. lol. No problem!

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