Blue Screen of Death

This is a constant and random issue that I have. I've formatted my computer, I've swapped in and out hard drives, etc. I've done everything I can.

I have noticed a significant amount of BSOD's when World of Warcraft freezes & Locks up. To boot, I'm having CPU over heating issues.

My question is; Does CPU overheating cause BSOD?

Today; I had a new message, still a BSOD, something about "MEMORY" or MEMORY OVERUSED. Something to do with memory, and then it did a memory dump.
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  1. is your cpu overclocked and what kind of thermal paste are you using? those are 2 questions i have for you.
  2. That's one thing I haven't quite understood. I had this problem since the day I built my Computer. Sometimes it would show up, and sometimes it wouldn't.

    Is my computer overclocked?

    Windows 7 Properties says No, However AI Suite says I'm overclocked from 2.66ghz to 2.77Ghz. I don't know which to believe.

    What kind of Thermal Paste am I using?

    Well, laugh at me all you want, I was a noob and didn't know I needed to buy extra thermal paste when I built my computer. Now I know this from previous posts about overheating issues. So, to answer the question; just the little smidge on the bottom of the heatsink when i bought the CPU.

    I'm actually going to go purchase some thermal paste and see if that helps any. If it doesn't, i'm sending my Motherboard, CPU & Heatsink back to ASUS & Intel to get replacements.
  3. go to your bios and lower your fsb and see what happens
  4. Yeah, I have no idea how to do that mikegrimlr. I'm not into changing settings like that, I don't know what I'm doing so i don't mess with it.
  5. if u wan't get BSOD don't Overclock, Overclock can make headache,damage Hardware, waste money!
  6. What are your specs? (ALL) Motherboard, Memory, CPU, PSU, GPU, HDD...or...Dell XXXX, HP XXXX, ect.
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