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Hello to the Tom's Hardware community. You may have heard of the game, Minecraft. If you have, you may know that you can make your own multiplayer Bukkit server. I've taken an interest in making one. I found a tutorial on the official website wiki. It worked. I made my server. I asked one of my Minecraft friends to join it. I gave him the IP address and it didnt work. I realized that I didnt port forward it. I did port forward it but it still doesnt work. I even tried Port Mapper and it still doesnt work. Now, I must tell you that the server port is 25566 instead of the default 25565. This is because I made a server before that I got rid of that was on 25565. I don't know if this affects anything. All I want to know is if I can get my friends to play. By the way, in case it means anything, I have a Windows 7 laptop with Amd. Don't tell me I need a new computer because I know that I don't. By the way there is a kinda weird thing going on with the IP. i have a real IP but it is not for a bukkit server so I user my IPv4 but it was not bukkit either so I made my bukkit on I just added the ":25566: because if I dont put that it brings me to my other server. If you have any suggestions like deleting my old servers I'll do it. I just want to know what I am doing.
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  1. The port(s) setup on the server are fine.
    I suggest you assign the server a static IP address , if you haven't already.
    Make sure you have forwarded all of the ports, you plan to use, to the static IP of the server.
    Lower the range of the DHCP server on your router so that it does not inadvertantly assign the IP address to another computer e.g. assign the server to and make your IP range to
    Get the WAN/Gateway/Internet IP address of your internet router, this is the IP address that you give to your friend, it should not start with "192.168.x.x" or "10.10.x.x", these are internal IP addresses.
    Don't forget to tell him he needs to append the ":<insert port number here>" to the ip address, if it's different from the default port (25565).
    If you've whitelisted your server you will have to add his username to that list.
  2. Thank you for replying. I don't understand what all the DHCP and static IP stuff is. I'm not good with networking. Can you please explain so a person with not much networking experience would get it?
  3. plz respond
  4. A DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server is basically the phonebook of your network. It stores active numbers, spare numbers and assigns spare numbers to devices which ask for one. It's main function is to ensure all devices connected to it are on the same street but at different house numbers. Each address is leased for a set period of time, after which the address becomes available again and can be assigned to anyone who asks for one. This could be the same device or a completely new one. If it's a new device then the old device gets a new address when it reconnects, hence you get changing (dynamic) IP addresses.

    Every internet router ships with an active DHCP server. You use it by default.

    This is ok for a normal home network in which nobody on the internet needs to find specific things on your network. It becomes a problem if someone from beyond your "street" comes in, you always want to direct them to the same house but the tennants have changed. With your port forwarding you've created a static route to an address with changing tennants.

    What do I mean by static? It does not change.
    How do you mix dynamic and static addresses? With care.
    How do you mix them? There are a couple of ways to do this, both of them need you to reconfigure your router. If you cannot follow the following I'll need you router make and model so I can walk you through it.

    1). This depends on the capabilties of your router but is the easier method.
    Navigate to DHCP/LAN setup part of you router, tick the box for the apropriate IP address/computer and select Add Reservation. This will set aside this IP address and only assign it to the LAN adapter matching the MAC address it has also stored.

    Make sure this is the IP address you port forward to.

    2). Again, navigate to the DHCP/LAN setup part of your router.
    In it you will find "Starting IP address" and "Ending IP address"
    Typically home routers work in the range to, they will hold for themselves and assign ip addresses starting at
    You want to raise the starting address to something like and apply.
    Log into your server, navigate to the network and sharing centre (I'll assume you're running Windows 7, but vista/server 2008/2008 r2/sbs2011 are the same)
    Start -> Control Panel (Small/Large Icons view)-> Network and Sharing Centre -> Change adapter settings (link on left).
    You're looking for the active adapter (they may be more than one adapter, choose one that doesn't have a cross beside it)
    Double click the adapter -> Properties (button) -> Scroll down to "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" -> Highlight it and click properties

    In the new window you are about to assign a static IP address.
    Click the "Use the following IP address:" radio button.
    Enter information
    IP address: (something just beyond the range of the dhcp server, the first three parts must match it though)
    Subnet mask:
    Default Gateway: (or whatever IP address your router is at)

    Further down you will also need to assign a DNS server address.
    Preferred DNS server:

    Hit OK or cancel all the way out.

    Go back to your router and port forward to you server's IP addfress.


    Notes:-Throughout I have assumed your router is set for the IP address range starting 192.168.0.x. If this is not the case please replace it with whatever your router does start with, this could be 10.10.1.x or 192.168.1.x.
  5. Hi am trying to run a server I tried your method but then annoy connect to Internet
    I have a sage com fast 2864 and runnin win7
  6. go back to the way you had it, your DHCP IP will rarely change.
    The place you forward the port is in the router not on any pc.
  7. I just want to know what I am doing.
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