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I have a 700MHZ socket370 Celeron, and I've overclocked it to 866 MHZ with CUFSB.

The next overclock setting is 100 FSB but the PC locks up at this setting. On reboot the bios reports 1050 MHZ but the PC still locks up.

The mainboard (M754LMR) supports 66, 100, and 133 FSB and the hard drive 66 and 100 FSB. Ram is SD133. I've disabled DMR because this can lock the PC up at 100FSB overclock.

I've read posts where 700 MHZ Celerons are overclocked to 1050 MHZ easily.

Why does the CPU lock up at the 100FSB setting? It could be that the core volts might need increasing, but I can't - have no option in the BIOS to do this.

Any ideas?


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  1. You need to increase the core voltage. There are a couple ways to do this with your board:

    1.) You can modify the CPU VID (Voltage ID) pins so that the board detects a higher voltage
    2.) You can use an adapter like the Lin-Lin ($8 at Compgeeks) to set the voltage using the adapter. The Lin-Lin is a Tualatin adapter for non-Tualatin boards, but also does a few other things, like allowing Coppermines on non-Coppermine boards and allowing voltage adjustments.

    You shouldn't need more than 1.85v.

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  2. Most likely have to up the vcore. But that high of a jump, you better be watching the temps since intel chips do scramble after a certain temp is reached.

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