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Will GTA IV run?

Hello, So, I've upgraded my Hp compaq 8100 Elite, Sff, And, Was wondering if the game would be playable....

Intel core i5 (dual core, quad thread) 660, 3.33ghz
Nvidia geforce 620 (2gb MSI)
1280X1024 (or, What a 19" screen is)
8gb Ram (RipGaw 1333mhz)

Can i run it? Hopefully around medium?
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    Yup you can run it on medium-high with decent fps
    Also take a look at the GTA IV requirements thread which is a pinned post
  2. Ha thx, Can i run it or game debate or what ever it was, have me a Gigantic X on my GFX, so, Thankyou!
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