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Casual gaming?

I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 15R i15RN 5297BK for 300 dollars ( hasn't arived yet). It has an Intel i7 2670QM, 6 gb of ram, 750gb hard drive and a Nividia Geforce gt 525m 1GB gpu. My question is can I do some gaming with this laptop. I usually play games at the lowest resolution with all features turned off. Some of the games im intrested in playing are COD (all of them), Bioshock, Skyrim, battlefield 2 and some others. Also, should I upgrade the ram?
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  1. ram is fine, you moght be able to game at lowest setting. a gt520 is not very good, the 525m would probably be about the same. BUT providing you are will to turn resolution down and settings down you'll probably be ok.
  2. You're RAM's not an issue, your graphics card is. Best I can say is to try it and see, but don't expect too much.
  3. ^ +1

    still that seems a very good price for that laptop

    assuming thats 300 us dollars
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    u cannot expect gaming at more than 720p.
    the settings would totally depend on which game u are trying.....
    the gpu is on the weaker side but id say that no other person than you yourself could really determine about what settings ud manage...
    so try every game on your own instead( a mixture of settings).....
    and see for yourself......
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