Changing HSF on an AIW 9700 pro

I current own an All-In-Wonder 9700 pro and I want to begin overclocking my card. I am concerned about the cooling so I have thought about changing the heat sink and fan on it. Does anyone know if the ATI HSF is sufficient for overclocking or what would i need to get? I have an all in wonder so i heard its hard to fit most other hsfs. The ice burg 4 looks nice at newegg but my ati heatsink looks like a better cooler. Please help! thanks!
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  1. If you haven't already tried, you might want to post this in the <A HREF="" target="_new">overclocking>>3dchips</A> forum. This forum (Cooler and Heatsinks) usually talks about CPU heatsinks, water cooling and cooling in general. Then again, a lot of the people that hang out there hang out here so hopefully you will get a reply from someone who knows more than I do.

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