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PC and consoles sad or bright future,no fanboys pls

Ok first of all this is my first post and also dont know if i post it in right part of forum, i'll be objective about my statements as i love both PC and consoles same.(probably PC more as its in my blood for more then 20years:-))
I've been PC gamer for i long time from the era of UT1999,CS 1.6,warcraft and others epic games as 8year old kid.It feels like back in those years games were graphically developed at fast pace and pushing the GPU's,CPU's to the limit with almost every game.
2005/2006 when consoles came out i was still a pc gamer but also owning a xbox360.
From that time,i bought also brand new high-end pc and upgrading it every 2 years till now.
2007 i had high-end gaming pc-the games was looking ALMOST exactly like a console counterparts.
2009 i had high-end gaming pc-the games was looking ALMOST exactly like a console counterparts.
2011 i had high-end gaming pc-the games was looking ALMOST exactly like a console counterparts.
2012/13 i HAVE high-end gaming pc-the games ARE looking ALMOST exactly like a console counterparts
WTF??? Imagine that there were no games like Crysis 1 or Battlefield 3.Im not talking about GTA 4 and Skyrim(because there looked much better then consoles ONLY with mods).
Is there any games among THOUSANDS of them from 2005-2013 that uses full power of PC hardware like it was more a decade ago?
Its not just me,its problem of many pc gamers who waste money on new cpu,gpu every 1-2 years to hope to get bleeding edge graphics.
I mean when you think about it,hardware in consoles are almost 8 YEARS OLD.I know they can be optimazed greatly then PC as its a closed gaming hardware that developers have to develop for
only 1 set of hardware,BUT HEY..8 YEARS OLD graphics should different like comparing a 1997 with 2005game,gta 1 vs gta san andreas.unreal turnament 1999 vs UT 3,Monkey island vs any new advanture.Thats the 8 years newer graphics,cpu,ram tehnology!
Why isn't like that? No its not because hardware and optimization in consoles can magicly push consoles(gpu which is up to rank to nvidia 7800gt) to perform any better that that hardware what is inside.Yes optimization of games in consoles is awsome but not like that.
Im feeling that im just wasting my money buying/upgrading to gtx480 gtx680.For what? 3%percent better graphics.Like i said im not talking about crysis 1,battlefield 3 or modded games,those are exeptions.(those just tell what PC are capable of)
Im talking about thousand of other games from 2005-2013,just look at latest Dishonored 2,far cry 3,assassins creed 3,bad company 2,crysis 2,every COD Modern Warfare,Black ops game,and so many other games.
High gaming GPU nowdays in PC when comparing a consoles should look at least like playing a gta 4 with IceHancer as a stock game vs gta 4 on consoles.Or modded Skyrim as a stock game vs skyrim on consoles.
I put my 1080p monitor with all high/ultra next to my TV and console and i was looking for differences between 8year old hardware vs brand new high-end gaming.
Not get my wrong -it was different,but you have to look for it,but i was supposed to be WOW-ed between very old and new hardware.
It feel like comparing a console vs pc, PC brand-new high end gaming GPU is like ferrari-on the rooftop.Yes you can brag with it,how much horsepower it gets and how fast is it from 0-100 and benchmark it to see its the best on the market,but all you can do with it is driving it in fast circles on the top of rooftop.
On the other hand Console GPU looks like a Toyota Prius on the highway,its ecomical,low power but it CAN ACCESS ALL THE power it has Then we are coming the the point of this and thats DEVELOPERS AND $$$$$
This is the large reason why its like that.Lazy ass developers who even after 8years are still putting a consoles in a first row,and than puting a same ports to the PC.Yes they make-up it little put some AA,FXAA,MSAA but still its the graphically bad port.
Days are over when the developers were making games for PC and then ported to consoles.That time is over and will NOT be in the future.Nowdays there just so much money going from consoles and there is MUCH MORE HIGHER profit from consoles.
Unfortunately whats more sad is that consoles dictate when we will see and when next generation is coming.Really sad.PC show even much years ago what are capable of when they modded crysis and its one of the most beautiful games,also with modded skyrim,or gta 4 with icehancer.
But it doesnt matter when EVERY OTHER game is just console port.Now we get COD Modern Warfare 25 which you can run in like 2000fps.Almost every game is ported from Consoles.
Even battlefield 3 didnt show the real capabilities of PC hardware because on half of development EA practically changed development for consoles.Yes,what you think for which system in mind will they make Battlefield 4?hmm its not hard to think.Just look Crysis 3,for high-end PC hi max res you should have brand new quad core cpu,gtx680,8gb ram.Even then its not looking so much better that console,even when pc like that on paper is 30xtimes more powerfull than consoles
Is it really worth it to get a high-end gaming PC so you can play every game on max/ultra but then having a look at console and say wtf im paying that kind of money for a 5% better graphics.
Do you think its like that?Im really pissed because of this,i know games supposed to be only fun,but giving a little fortune for a pc and upgrades and not having a big leap forward its just moronic.
I feel like wasting my money.I mean you but 399$ console that can play 99%percent of games with no lag,no worries,no installation problems,drivers and most importantly not much graphically different then PC.Yes its different BUT not as it supposed to be.If somebobody told me assassins creed 3,far cry 3,skyrim,crisis 2 on a 8year old hardware is looking almost great as my PC I wouldn’t believe it,but its true.Was expecting after 8 years would be looking awsome on my gtx 680 but i was wrong.Its little better but it just doesnt justify the price and brand new hardware.
If you put gtx 680 in console its gonna be enough for a next decade.
Even after next gen consoles arrive we will se great games for 2,3 years and then consoles are going from high to medium to low after years,but on PC even if you upgrading to have that high/ultra along years you wouldnt be amazed with it like it is suppossed to be due to much better hardware.
I think that if they make analog sticks a little bit more precise theres gonna be much pc gamers going to consoles.
I know they will still be porting from consoles to PC in next gen BUT why the hell arent they make PC games look much superior then consoles.Or is that not possible when you are just porting games?Or you have develop game from ground to up especially for PC to be much graphically superior then console part?
I just dont see any developers making game only for PC in first plan,there is so much money in consoles,especially with next gen.
I really think that next gen we’ll gonna see great games first 2 years and then again consoles port with little makeup for PC graphics.
PC aint dead,but sure idont see point on upgrading anymore.And i just cant abandon my keyboard+mouse for FPS.
I imagine nobody have cristal ball but please your opinions,what do you think how its gonna be?
Do you think, if rumors are true, and next gen consoles really have x64 architecture whats that mean for PC's?
I know graphics is not most important for everybody its all about fun,but i really want to see some great looking game for PC in future cause thats the only way pc is gonna beat consoles.Consoles have much pros like almost to no hackers(if your comparing pc to consoles),playing bf3 ive found much more even playfield when playing on xbox.Its like playing battlefield 3 a day after they clean all the hackers,but then 1 week later they come back.
Do you think PC are graphically looking much more better then consoles then I say and that maybe im just being blind?
Please be objective no fanboism.:-)

--Also my specs are cpu i5 3570,gtx 680.16gb ram,windows 64-bit,24” 1080p monitor,running all games at ultra at 1080p with no problems.
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  1. Too long. did not read
  2. well nice to know you never read a book in your life.
    Yes its long,but its objective.and its a big problem too
  3. Been keeping my computer rather high-end for quite some years while also playing games on both Xbox360 and Ps3 and i gotta say i see a rather large difference on alot of games.
    I don't have That many games on both PC and a console but some examples are Black Ops 2, Borderlands 1&2, Dark Souls and The Witcher 2.
    If im playing a game on lets say Xbox360 and afterwords play the same game on my PC with everything set to Ultra (on the same monitor ofc) i feel that the colors, sharpness, details and overall quality/smootheness of the game is alot better on my PC.
    For all i know the difference is not as much as i think it is, i might just be sensitive to it.

    Edit: it was a long text though and im at work so i had to read though it rather quickly, so i apologize if i misunderstood you and my post don't make any sense
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    obviously you're playing games for a long time, maybe just need a little time brake from it.
    Gtx 680 is a great card,but you're saying like buying it, it will magically transform Crysis 3 looking like Crysis 5 in terms of graphics.
    BTW if you compare PC games(when they actually were being made for PC) from 1998 like Half life 1 and others and compare it 6 years later 2004 Half life 2,far cry 1 it was a same graphics leap
    like if you compare 2005 like battlefield 2,far cry 1,elder scrolls morrowind/oblivion vs skyrim,far cry 3,battlefield 3,assassins creed 3 from 2011 for PC.
    So i dont think consoles are holding back PC gaming,it would hold back if ported games on PC are looking like new titles on LOW graphics.But fortunately puting the games on high/ultra on PC really can really show you difference between PC and consoles.
    People think their xbox-es ps3 are magic boxes that can play 5 year old games at acceptable level.
    Yes but PC's can too..You can play battleifield 3 with 5 year old hardware,2- core cpu,9800gt at low/medium.
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