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im going to buy a desktop and had decide on the alienware x51 with the intel i7 processor.1.5GB navidia graphics chip.8 GB ram.1 tb harddrive.till i came across the dell xps 850 with the same stuff for less money.i can even upgrde the ram to my question is which one is better for GAMING and is that one even good.and any suggestions on desktop gaming pcs of the best value and performance would be appreciated.thank you for your help.
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  1. I am looking on Dells UK site andf the X51 with that spec is £999 and the most expensive XPS 8500 is £829. Both have an i7 CPU and for gaming an i5 is as good as an i7 so there is money wasted on both. The 8500 has a Radeon 7770 2Gb card which is a low end card thats worth under £100 and the X51 has a GTX 660 whic is a £180 card. So the X51 is better for gaming but both are over priced. You will get a much better deal from a company that will custom build a gaming PC for you.
  2. if your looking for a pre-built gaming pc under a £1000 assuming your in the uk I suggest this its just under £800 and you can choose to modify the specs if you like to pick different components but its got an i5 3570k overclocked to 4.5ghz and a 2gb 650ti, its got 4gb ram and although this is enough that is one change I probably would make putting 8gb ram in but thats up to yourself
  3. The link doesn't seem to work but a 650Ti is not a good card for a £1000 PC it sounds a worse deal than the Alienware.
  4. sorry i fixed the link its an £800 pc but you can change the card if you like, I picked it because I probably reckon anyone who doesn't feel confident to build there own rig won't be confident to overclock there cpu and this comes overclcoked for you but if your not interested in overclcoking there is this setup its got a 2gb 660ti but works out the same as changing the card in the overclocked pc
  5. If you get the 8Gb RAM & a 660Ti it comes to £902.34 which is OK and certainly better than the Alienware or XPS. Its roughly around £150 more than if you bought the parts and built it yourself.
  6. agreed build your own is best value
  7. thank you guys,i appreciate your time and advice
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