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Ok guys uh. Well i wanna buy Just Cause 2. I have windows 8 64bit and well on steam it says it only supports Win7 And WinVista so to the point. I have the Just Cause 2 demo and it works perfectly fine. But i wanna know. Will the full game work? Like the demo works but i dont know about the full game.

So it may seem like a stupid question but i just dont wanna wast a good 15$ bucks. Any help?

Feel free to move this if its on the wrong area. Heres my specs if that helps=

Processor: AMD A8-4500M APU 2.50ghz

Ram: DDR3 8.00

Graphics Card: Amd radeon 7670m 1gb dedicated + amd radeon 5640 512mb integrated. Crossfire.

Hardrive: 750gb 7200rpm.

Well anyway any suggestions help! Thanks. :p
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  1. If the demo works fine, the full game should as well. Just Cause 2 was released two years before Windows 8 launched, hence Windows 8 is not listed as a supported OS. The vast majority of games that work fine on Windows 7 will work fine on Windows 8. There are a few games that have run into some issues, but I don't think Just Cause 2 was one of them. If you haven't run into any issues in the demo, you aren't likely to hit any with the full game.
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