The Witcher 2 lag problems

Hey, I'm kinda new to this whole pc gaming thing and I'm not sure why this game lags.
So far I've discovered that if I set the resolution to 1280x720 it will run ok on high settings but my actual pc resolution is 1920x1080 but even when everything is on low if my resolution is around 1920x1080 it will lag.

laptop specs:

Windows 7 64 bit
Intel i7 -2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz
8GB Ram
Nvidia GeForce 550M

btw I went to and it said I was able to run it well, is there any way to play this game with at least low-medium settings but with a high resolution?
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  1. laptop cpu's and gpus are no where close in comparison to the specs of there desktop counterparts
  2. Yeah I understand it but I just don't get the "can't play with a high resolution" lag problem, is it due to my specs?
  3. Hi Afonso,

    I would of thought you can run it on your system. I ran it on medium settings with a duel core, 4gb of ram and a ati 4870.

    you cpu and ram seem very capable of running it. maybe your GPU lets you down.

    is it DDR3 or DDR5?
  4. Like I said i'm kinda of a noob in this whole pc thing, so I really don't know how to see that, however if anybody could teach me that I would gladly answer your question
  5. After some internet search I've found out it is DDR3, does that change anything?
  6. The GT 550m simply isn't fast enough to play Witcher 2 at high resolutions. Witcher 2 is among the most graphically demanding games out there, and most laptop GPUs simply can't hack it at 1080p resolution. The DDR3 on the GPU isn't helping matters, but even if your 550m were equipped with DDR5, it wouldn't make enough of a difference to let you play at 1080p.

    Your options are to play the game at 720p, or get a better laptop if you really want to play at 1080p resolution. To pull off high settings at 1080p and maintain a decent framerate, you would probably need a GTX 675m or Radeon HD 7950m at minimum. Laptops that have those GPUs tend to be prohibitively expensive though if you don't have lots of cash lying around.
  7. It is your GPU. You simply can not the game at high on such a high resolution.

    Disable all of these, and you can play the game at 30 FPS...
    Motion Blur
    Light Shafts
    Depth of Field - Gameplay
    Dangling Objects Limit
    Cinematic Depth of Field

    Shadow Quality to: Low

    And remember to keep Texture Memory Size (MB) to: Very Large
    You can increase this value even more in the saved configuration .ini file. Search for it on Google.

    Rest can go to the highest possible.

    The best way to play the game on your Laptop will be to lower the resolution to 720p

  8. Wow, thanks for all of the replies guys!
    Yeah, I will play it with a lower resolution, still worth it, the game is awesome
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