Video game resolutions?

I have a good graphics card (which exceeds the requirements of the games I play) but to play any game, I need to turn the resolution all the way down, any idea why/ any way to change this?
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  1. How about give us some info on the card.. the game, and the rest of your specs xD
  2. I have an ATI Radeon HD 4200 with 1916 MB memory. I have an internal DAC(400MHz). And I am using DirectX 11.
  3. What kind of game are you trying to play?
  4. almost every 3D game I play has me do this, Fallout, far cry 3, red Faction: Armageddon, the only exception really is TF2. I can play the games, just they lag like hell if I don't turn the resolution all the way down (as to why i now hate dead island, for not offering the resolution setting I need to play)
  5. You don't have an actual graphics card, you have an integrated graphics chip that isn't powerful enough to render complex 3D graphics seen in current titles. The Radeon HD 4200 integrated graphics is well below the minimum specs for most modern titles, especially Far Cry 3. TF2 is an older game that is not graphically demanding, hence why you can get acceptable performance out of it.

    You will need to spend some money to buy an actual graphics card, at least $100 USD if you want to get a decent experience out of Far Cry 3. If you want a more detailed recommendation, you'll need to post some more specs, eg. CPU, amount of RAM, motherboard, and power supply. Odds are you will have to upgrade the power supply if you want to get a higher powered video card, as most systems that ship with integrated graphics have fairly weak power supplies.
  6. Good thing the low-res doesn't bother me very much, and seems to not be very apparent at all in Far cry 3, thanks for the info I very much appreciate it!
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