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Im running Windows 7. I am trying to set up my Xbox 360 as a media center extender. Through the Media center Interface, when I try to add the xbox as an extender, after entering the 8 digit code,my pc gets stuck on"configuring your extender" then says it cant be configured. I also get a message saying driver updated and xbox installed. My xbox used to work fine but not with this new pc.The xbox shows on my pc and i cannot delete it in media centre- only configure! there are a lot of people with this problem, does anybody have the answer...ive read so many blogs where people have spent hours and hours opening and shutting port/firewalls all to no avail...
there must be a genius out there with the answer!
thank you :love:
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  1. I have had it work through Windows Media Player by turning on the media sharing on Win7.

    Start window media player.
    right click the title bar
    select Tools
    select Options
    select Library Tab
    Click Configure Sharing
    Click Share my Media BOX and click OK

    You will need to setup the Monitor Folders option aswell (location of media)
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