overclocking laptop gfx cards - bad idea?

My laptop has a 128mb dedicated ati radeon 9600 mobility, currently set to 351mhz vpu and the ram at 189 mhz. I have installed the newest omega drivers, which incorporate RadLink, similar to overdrive, which lets you overclock the vpu and the vram.

The clock speeds increase in steps. One step above the vram default setitng is 202.5 mhz (increase of 13.5 mhz, or 7%)

does anyone know if trying to overclock laptop gfx adapters is a good idea? or would it be best to leave them at default?
also, if i was to overclock it, how would i go about testing if the new settings are stable?

thanks for your help :)
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  1. I would say dont over clockit becuase the cooling you will ahve in there wont do the job

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  2. Overclock only if you feel need more performance..
  3. Yes very bad idea. They have very limited cooling solutions and limited voltage.

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