serious heat issues (not really overclocking)

Hey guys,

I just ran MBM5 for the first time in aw hile, and to my amazement, my CPU is running at 57C degrees, and my case temperature is 66C degrees. Obviously I want to fix this.

Here are my specs:
Barton 2600+
Abit KD7 mo/bo
ATi 9700 pro
CS-307 Enermax Case
Fan situation: one side fan, default PSU/fan, default AMD heatsink/fan

I've had this setup since about January. I was hoping to upgrade to something more "silent" than my current setup too. Also, the last time I tried to put on an AMD heatsink/fan combo myself, I think I broke a capacitor off the mo/bo, so I'm going to be pretty cautious about changing anything myself (I might take the components to a computer hardware store).
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  1. I don't think your Case temp will be above your CPU temp. Go to your bios and read those temps

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  2. I agree with checking the bios for temps. I had three Athlons on three mobo's and only the Asus and it's monitor program agree with the bios temps. Make sure the fans and sinks are free of any dust and that the fan for the PSU is up to speed, a Wintek 400W PSU fan got slow and with the cover on the case I lost an XP 1800. And then there were two.
  3. I checked my BIOS temps.

    they read like this:

    System: 61C
    CPU Surface: 55C
    CPU Core: 60C
  4. I'd ventilate the case better; on one xp 2600 case I cut out the grid where the PSU fan blows out and now the top of the PSU stays cool. On my other xp 2600 I used a small case fan-first to blow out but that didn't help much; then to blow in-that was better; then I cut out the grid for that fan [on the rear of this case were two areas set up to mount fans] so now there's no restriction and it blows right over the thermaltake fan/sink on the cpu. This thermaltake has a cylindrical blue aluminum sink with a copper core and an orange 'cage' around the fan; it sounds like a 747 taking off but it's far better than the OE setup that came with the cpu. Good luck.
  5. yep, you need better case ventiation. 60c is pretty high. Mines @ 38 atm

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