Next-gen consoles and PC gaming?

Hey guys,

With all the rumours (and possible some truth) that the PS4 is going to be using a chip based on the A8-3850 and the Xbox probably following suit, what do you reckon the x86 architecture shift is going to mean for PC games? Possible more efficient ports or downright development on PC and then porting to console?

One thought that crossed my mind was that in a couple of years, the A8 will be considered "out-of-date" for gaming on the PC, while the consoles are going to keep getting games that run on the same processor. What do you think?
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  1. Hopefully it will give us games that can scale with the hardware available like toe original Crysis did so well. You could look on it as people do now and say that things will get no better as the hardware is very low down the performance ladder but I prefer to be optimistic about it.

  2. I thought it was an 8 core Bulldozer chip, not an A8?
  3. Everything I have seen or been told points to a jaguar CPU which means bobcat cores and not bulldozer.

    Mactronix :)
  4. I think its jaguar as well running at 1.6-1.9GHz not exactly a monster CPU. Bulldozer was the developer kit.
  5. I realize the developer kit's often vary from the final release, but changing a processor to a completely different series? That seems a bit odd.

    Then again, who knows. Bulldozer made me not even want to buy PS4/Xbox Next, now this is even worse. A freaking A8, seriously? Sigh...

    Guess we may all find out about PS4 later this month hopefully.
  6. Developer kits are usually more powerful than the end product and jaguar is unreleased so was not possible to use. Note its all unconfirmed rumour anyway and the graphics card rumours differ wildly.
  7. It was rumor that they gonna go with A10-5800 quad,but lately it is x64 AMD 8-core at 1.6ghz and its much better choice.There's gonna be alot more multitasking in next consoles,so thats maybe better choice.
    Seems like that next gen consoles are going to be more "entertaining" console and much less "gaming" one.Until one day somebody says - hey lets make a gaming box that can play only games and give full hardware power only to it.And loop continues.

    BTW what exactly mean if next consoles would have x64 hardware? Would this mean games will be much better,easier ported to PC? Is there posibillity of making games on PC first and porting/scaling down to consoles? this how it should be..
  8. Well if you look at the PS3, it had 8 cores which barely 2 were used.
    256MB of DDR3
    And a shitty little 7600gt or something like that?
    That's garbage, yet they still managed to get games like GTA4 going on there and GTA 5 even, granted it doesn't run great but it does run

    Uncharted is a great example of what optimization can do, Uncharted 2 to me is still the best game on PS3 gameplay and graphics wise.

    So if the next generation will have 8 cores (WHICH THEY ACTUALLY UTILISE THIS TIME!?) and 8GB RAM with a 6000 series GPU. We can safely say there will be big improvements
  9. Yes optimization is defiantly the key here, I would think that you could easily double any raw performance benchmarks that reviews have reported for the hardware once we know what it is.

    Mactronix :)
  10. If PS3 had 8 cores, all games would be running in 1080p native and 120FPS, so actually it's 1 core and 8 SPEs.Comparing RAM on consoles and PC are two different things.
    True- key is optimization,they make games especially for this hardware.
    But if you have 8800gt with old 2 core intel you can also run games like battlefield 3,far cry 3 at low 720p.So consoles arent magical just a bit more optimized.
    Pc games are much more optimized then it was decade ago.Now you can play new games with 5 year old hardware,before it was almost impossible.
    Also consoles are great,cheap,offer nice graphics and because of them we had seen many new game awsome titles this generation.
    If they make controller,analog sticks,just little bit more mousey..precise they could attract much more pc gamers
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