Crysis 2

when i try to start it says crysis2(TM) has stopped working and this was due to appcrash
again sometimes it wants cd key which i do not have

my pc req
gigabyte oc edition hd 7770
core i5 3470
8 gb gaming ram
windows 7 64 bit
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  1. i wanted an answer
  2. lol what do you mean you don't have a cd-key?
    Is the game pirated ? If it is then sorry pal you can't demand answers for such questions on this forum.
  3. no..i am saying is this some kind of problem because my friends with the same cd installed it without cd key
  4. So you are trying to use the same CD and install it on multiple computers...?

    Sorry, I don't really understand what you are saying. First you said you don't have a CD Key, then you said your friends didn't use the CD key. Who did use the CD Key then?

    You each need a copy of the game and a valid CD Key.
  5. You can't do what you just did.
    Each Copy should be active on only one computer at a time.
    Sorry but what you did can be considered as a type of piracy and we cannot help you in such cases.
  6. Best answer
    The Crysis 2 game requires a cd key to install and play the multiplayer mode online and that key is located on the user manual that's included in the case. On the rear of the manual at the top is the key code and this needs to be entered when it calls for it. As it states in the user manual in the online segment it is limited to one user per key code.

    To play the campaign mode the key is not needed and the game can be installed on a few computers under the same EA account , you just need to download the EA game manager.

    I have the game manual in my hand and that's what it says , I also installed the game and didn't play online right away and the key code was not asked for , it wasn't untill I went to play online that I had to register the key code to my account.
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