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Can this play new games on low settings?

What's up guys?

Now I got a really old computer which has the following specs:

Pentium D 3.2 Ghz
msi 9800GT
500 Watt PSU from Thermaltake

Now I want this set up to play games like Far Cry 3, Black Ops 2, and Skyrim on playable settings. I play at 1024x728. Which is a pretty low resolution so that doens't put a lot of stress on my GPU. Could I play those three games on decent-ish settings with playable framerates?

And I can't really upgrade anything except the hard drive and I'm getting an SSD so that covers that part.
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  1. My goodness , a Pentium D ?
    Anyways with a 9800GT and low res I guess you can definitely get playable framereates
  2. Yep, a Pentium D. I want to get one of those AMD Processors in the 75$ to 100$ range.

    So, let's say I have everything low. I even goto the Nvidia control panel and turn everything low from there as well and run the game on DX9 and all that. How much FPS should I get? 50?
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    Yea the 9800GT isn't THAT bad.
    You will get around 50-FPS easily.
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  5. Your second reply cleared things up for me so... :3


    One more question, should I overclock my GPU? I've gotten a GPU cooler just for that.
    Because I would atleast like to set the textures to medium. That's enough for me. Console graphics but enough.
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