Frame Drop Issues

I am having an issue with frame dropping across all games. Randomly I will drop frames from like the max from rate of the game to around 40 and then it will go back up again to max. It happens ever 30 seconds to a minute. Nothing in the game is causing it. I've check my PC temps and they never go above 60. The games that I've played that this is happening in is Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Warsow, Blacklight Retribution, and even Quake Live which should be easy to run.

EVGA 560 Ti
AMD Phenom II X6 1100T
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  1. Sounds like Vsync.
  2. drivers up to date? Windows?
    what if you run settings on minimum?
    Anything overclocked?
  3. Vsync is not enabled. Drivers are updated. Windows 7 64bit. I've tried all combinations of settings on every game. It is overclocked, but it's by the manufacturer.
  4. Does lowering settings help at all? Do you have any single player games and if so do they have this issue?
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