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New CPU / Motherboard / RAM

After getting the money saved up a bit I am now finally able to get the new CPU I need to pair with my 580 GTX. Most of my research and help came from this community :)
I just want one last confirmation since it has been a while since my last post about my plans to upgrade. So tell me if you can, if everything seems up to par and each hardware is compatiable with each other, if you can of course!



Motherboard :


The total is around 480$ which is exactly near my budget.

How does it all look?

Oi I wanted this in the built systems area Haha.. though its still all for gaming.
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  1. You will tackle any game on high-max with this nice build... I almost have the same build :D Same processor, RAM, cooler, but I have the Asus p8z77-v LX... very good board.

    This is a good build with the 580.
  2. All looks good.
  3. Thanks guys!!


    If I wanna (I have 500 GB hard drive only, but its good enough for me)...if I wanna put some files or save pictures etc (will do an entire wipe and re install windows) what is the cheapest thing (external hard drive?) I could buy? No more than 100 GBs would do.

    There's an 80GB version too, but this costs only $7 more, so the former doesn't really make for a sensible purchase.
  5. Sweet thanks~ Never used an external drive before, does it work like a USB drive? Plug it in and drag what you want in it? =o

    Btw, since this is under the games section...this upcoming year Rome 2 Total War gets released, I heard rumors about it having similar specs from Shogun 2: Total War, think, from the current specs and the ones I plan to buy, if itll handle it well?
  6. Kind of like a USB drive:

    You plug it in, and there might be a short driver installation (if there is, it happens automatically and the drivers are in the hard drive so you don't need to be connected to the internet either)

    Once that's done it shows up like this:

    So yes, kind of like an USB drive, but not exactly the same.
    Oh and you have to be sure to eject the drive before unplugging it because it uses physical disks unlike USB flash drives, so suddenly unplugging it without safely ejecting it first could cause some real damage.

    Rome 2 is probably going to be much higher spec than Shogun 2, but you can handle it. Maybe not maxed out, but definitely acceptable in medium-high-ish settings.
  7. Awesome thanks guy!

    Actually, I handle Shogun 2 with most 'Ultra' settings, even with my bad CPU and 4 GB of RAM. Phenom IIx2 b55 I think it

    So, with my 580 and the Intel, I have good hopes~

    Make sure to eject? =o...sounds like a CD drive =o lol, Idk, when/if I get it, ill have to check it out and than Im sure that's when I know what your talking about haha, but I do understand about just simply pulling it out like the USB, and not being able to completely do it with the external.
  8. Oh wait, I forgot, 580 GTX, Yup you can max it, nevermind what I said.

    Have you considered going with the FX-8350 instead of the i5, it offers much better value for money, just a suggestion...
  9. =o..

    You know thisguy...I was looking into that as well, I was at first trying to find the latest generation of the I5...than I was on my kindle looking up some stuff and I found a few post about 'I5 VS etc..etc..'

    Here is one:

    But...Idk =/...I been also seeing great things about the FX...

    Is there any benchmarks out there about it? Or the FPS data etc =o

    Oh and a big reason I been going for the Intel I5 (at first the 2500k but I found that the one I am wanting is better) is an amazing CPU...and I haven't heard much about the FX at all.

    Ohh and I also been looking on other forums etc and videos such as:

    I don't mind spending the little extra more for the Intel I5 3570k~
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    The i5 offers only about 5-10% better performance in most games (the AMD beats it down in some) , which isn't really worth the price premium IMO. If you aren't worried about saving and have the money to spend then go for the 3570k by all means =)
  11. Thanks for the answers guy!
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