Built a New system, LAGGGGGG

So i built a new system, i have a sabretooth 990fx motherboard, 2 msi raedon7950 crossfired. and a amd fx-820(8 core) and windows 7-64 bit. i have been playing games off steam and every game will lag, skyrim is un-playable, counterstrike go unplayable. this is awful i spent 850+ on this machine. Any help
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  1. Check for overheating 1st, both CPU & GPUs if all OK post full spec including any overclock.
  2. ok Il report back tomorrow
    how do you want me to obtain a full spec?
  3. Just post exactly what hardware you have, name, version, drivers etc. and like simon said (lol) -- including any overclock
  4. sabertooth 990fx r2.0 motherboard (Stock driver No updates)
    Raedon 7950(2) catalyst version 13.1
    Amd Fx-8320(8 Core)
    250Gb SSD
    3TB HDD(Sorry couldn't find the brands can if needed)
    I am not currently overclocking
  5. its not an overheating problem, something seems to be causing this massive lag across all systems..=EDIT
  6. Try with only 1 graphics card and see what happens.
  7. Tried, Same amount of lag, it seems that my system is using a huge amount of Disk and CPU. I mean almost maxed at some points.
  8. virus? do a fullscan and trial malwarebytes and scan with that too abnormally high usage of resource = abnormally high amount of prosessesesesese = usually virus/bloatware/bad driver
  9. This problem sounds familiar. It might have something to do with your SSD and its w/r bandwidth.

    You could try installing an OS on your HDD to see if that relieves the issue. It might me a setting within your motherboard as how it interacts with the SSD. I forget off the top of my head what exactly causes this.

    I doubt it is malware or a virus if your system is new.
  10. I would check to see if the ATA controller is set for AHCI not IDE or RAID.

    I would find it odd if it was not set to AHCI as a default. This could be your issue. That or your SSD is faulty.

    Check the R/W times of your SSD.
  11. total Edit= It does not seem to be a hardware problem. I have checked the events, and very few errors, Even had my friend who is a computer tech and admin take a look, we cannot figure out the problem, each game seems unable to work efficently, every game seems to lag. This system is over built to the max there should be no problems at all yet im worse off then my old computer which could barely run left4 dead.
  12. Did you check your motherboard bios and ensure it's set for performance and not one of the lower voltage power saving options?

    Also, take out 1 stick of RAM try it... if same problem swap em out... Maybe a bad stick causing some memory problems.

    I would also update your motherboard drivers. Oh.... and MAKE SURE you've installed all drivers/utilities that came with your motherboard disk. I build a new PC last week and it ran like a dang turtle until all drivers were installed and the system ran through a few reboots. Using stock windows drivers for your motherboard options just isn't enough anymore.

  13. I take this a fresh windows installation? What is your power supply unit?
  14. I have re-installed windows 7 twice, I have a 700W power supply
  15. What about make and model of the power supply unit?

    What cable are you using to connect your PC to the monitor? Are you connecting your monitor to the graphics card or the motherboard?
  16. Ultra ATX power supply and im connecting to the graphics card, i was not aware you could connect to the mother board
  17. and im using a DVI
  18. Ultra ATX power supply you say...

    Do you mind listing ALL the connectors that are connected somewhere in your PC from the power supply unit? Looks like missing connectors at the moment.
  19. Oh i have splitters that i used to connect the pcie power
  20. Could you still list all the connectors?
  21. 1: Check BIOS to make sure you're not using IDE.
    2: Check for any SSD firmware updates
    3: Make sure any RAID drivers are not installed (I've had Intel RST break more than a handful of PC's in the EXACT way you are describing...)
    4: Ensure you are not overheating
    5: Ensure proper voltages to all hardware devices
  22. ide is not enabled there are no raid drivers to my knowledge, everything else checks out, still lag. thinking of returning the video cards back to new egg
  23. Best answer
    I'd think of returning that power supply first, but you still didn't list the connectors.
  24. Sunius said:
    I'd think of returning that power supply first, but you still didn't list the connectors.

    i dont fully understand what you mean, Il take a shot. I have the 24 pin and a 8(or 6 cant tell) pin connect to the mother board, and (2) 6 pin pcie in the one graphics card
  25. What about the other card? If there aren't any power cables connected to it (you must connect 2), you should take it out of your PC or you risk damaging it...
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