Can my pc run Skyrim?

Hp envy desktop tower
Windows 8 64 bit
AMD FX 6120 six core processor 3.5 ghz
10 gigs of ram
Can i run it
I also have a 1920x1080 monitor
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  1. Do you have a graphics card?
  2. simon12 said:
    Do you have a graphics card?

    Assuming this is the PC, he has a 7570.

    So you are looking at lowish settings with Skyrim. That video card is pretty weak. You can run it, but not great. You should see about upgrading the video card. The page doesn't mention what PSU is in it, so you will probably have to upgrade that too.
  4. Graphics card is amd radeon 7450
  5. amd radeon 7450
  6. You can run it at low settings and resolution just about maybe even lowest settings @ 1080. You need a better graphics card for more
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