A year ago I bought a Club3D 9800SE and it worked fine till about a week ago. Now the problem is that I replaced the original heatsing with a Zalman however for the past week I have had severe artifacts when running the card at stock speed 380/340. In order to remove the artifacts I have to lower the speed of the memory to about 250 or even lower to remove the artifacts. I have also removed the Zalman and replaced it with an Arctic which I found more effective as it exhausts the heat outside of the case rather than recycle the same hot air over and over again. The problem is also with the card that the heatsink weighs so much that it bent the video card so badly that the top part of the card was not ventilated enough or at all (that is my assumption). The GPU itself is fine it's just the memory that I need to slow down, apart from that the card is still running fine. The artifacts themselves are lines all over the screen, black spots, lines and huge area's of the screen which turn black. The odd thing is that it doesn't do this in all games or benchmarks. For example I have major artifacts in UT2003 but none in CS-Condition Zero. Now I understand that UT uses more video power than CS however I don't get the artifacts in the low quality benchmarks in 2001SE nor in several of the benchmarks in 2003 and this I personally find extremely abnormal because I would have found it logical for artifacts to appear in all benchmarks but this is not the case.

So to replace the card I purchased another SE but found that this one has the artifacts which one can expect from faulty pipelines.

So now I have two 9800 SE, both by Club3D, which are not working to my satisfaction and my question is whether anyone has a solution or has experienced any of the problems I have experienced with my first SE. I understand that the faulty pipelines are unfixable but I don't know what to do. Should I return my second SE and get a 9800NP, should I keep it, or is it worth the money to run out and buy a PRO? As or the XT... I'd rather buy a X800.

I was madly in love with my first one untill this heatwave hit this little country. Is the heat to blame, has my SE taken a one way trip to hell or is there something ele wrong?

Please forgive me if I have made any spelling mistakes, I have no spellingcheck at hand.

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  1. Club3D suck.

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