COAX Cable and 2 computers

I am having a difficult time trying to find out if i can run a single coax cable from one computer to another without using the t-bar splitter. Just a direct connection between 2 computers. Do i need to use a t-splitter and 50ohm terminators? Thanks for any input that comes this way!
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  1. The terminators and T things are necessary. If you don't use them there would be reflections on the line due to impedance mismatch, causing slow speeds or possibly no speeds.
  2. Might I recommend just purchasing 2 ethernet cards for $5 per card and a cross-over cable for $2.

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  3. I agree. Ethernet offers better performance and is not very expensive.
  4. minor nit:

    Coax and Ethernet are apples and oranges

    Coax and Twisted Pair are physical layer (1)

    Ethernet is data-link Layer (2)

    So it really should be purchase 10BaseT NICS instead of 10Base2 (coax)

    Carry on.

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  5. I agree. Both technology are very similiar and some older NIC even have both connectors.
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