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I was wondering if anyone knows of discounts on Win7 for University students in Canada. My University only has an MSDNAA subscription for specific faculties which I am not a part of, so that rules that path out. And the usual good prices of University stores don't apply at my University either (they usually charge as much or MORE than retail). I hope MS comes out with a Canadian version of, or puts it up for The Ultimate Steal soon.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me to any discounts.
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  1. I don't know of anything for students in general in Canada....what school are you at? I'm in Waterloo, we have MSDNAA for most things, and then our bookstore sells non-MSDNAA software for decent prices. So I've never really looked for stuff outside the school, except the Ultimate Steal for Word, picked up a copy when that was available.
  2. Good news! Microsoft put Windows 7 Professional Upgrade on the Ultimate Steal site for $40 soon after I posted my question. Thanks for your reply.
  3. You should be able to enter your email address to check if you are eligible for the Canadian Student Discount priced at $39.99 with a direct download. Im using windows 7 at the moment, i received the activation key from this offer.
    Windows 7 Canada Student Pricing
    Hope this helps.


    P.s you will need an email @YOURSCHOOL or an email address given to you by your school.
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