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can someone please help??? I downloaded AC3 from ubisoft (freebie with GPU) and got as far as finishing the bar brawl and setting off after the Indian girl - the game crashed. Now I cant continur from that point - have to start again. I downloaded it (took ages at between .5 an 3 mbs on a 32MB download system) to my "D" (games) drive into a folder I called "AC3 DL" and then installed it on same drive into a folder "AC3" But now cant find anything in saved games or anywhere on my computer on any drive. Dont really want to start it again and loose it all if it crashes again. Help would be appreiciated.
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  1. Assassin's Creed III's save games are synced to Ubisoft's cloud. If you're using Uplay in offline mode then that would be the problem
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