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The design of the G600 mouse is intriguing. They bill it as an MMORPG mouse, but I have some serious ideas regarding the macros you could map to all of the buttons in shooters. Is anyone out there using this with BF3, Call of Duty, or Crysis?

How do you like it? I'm finding my right mouse button to be extremely sensitive on my G500. Is this any better? How is it using the ring-finger button?
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  1. I am by no means trying to bump this post, but I find it hard that no one has tried this mouse with FPSs?

    Should this post be categorized under computer peripherals or another category?
  2. I use another G series mouse (FAR fewer buttons), and for FPS's, its sufficient. Theres so many buttons on the G600, I would imagine that finding the right button in a FPS would be a bit of a pain. More of an MMO mouse I would think.
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    I tried the G600 under the idea that I may not use all the buttons, but it would be nice to have some extra buttons when needed. I returned it a week later.

    Some people actually like it, but here are the problems I ran into:
    - if you need to pick up the mouse and move it to continue spinning one direction, I often hit other keys I did not intend to. It is very difficult to lift without pushing a side G key.

    - There are so many buttons, it is hard to train yourself to instantly push the right one when it is needed.

    - I could not program the G keys to shift/alt/ctrl, as the ring finger button is designed to apply a shift state, which means that it is only available on the ring finger, which allows for all other G keys to act as a shift+ or ctrl+ key when it is down.

    - Even the ring finger button made things a little more difficult, as you now have to lift the mouse with only your pinky, which made it difficult to keep the mouse level as I picked it up. This is partly why I'd push side buttons on accident.

    I replaced the G600 purchase with the G700. 4 thumb buttons is enough. It even has a few extra index finger buttonss that are easy to reach but not get in the way.
  4. Bystander... That info about picking the mouse up, the the ring finger, and inadvertently hitting the G-keys makes sense. Thanks for the info.
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