Input on OC P4 2.533 w/ Asus P4PE + RAM Qs


I have been reviewing this forum for a while and read the guides and found them interesting. I am thinking of Overclocking my system (this would be my first OC). My chief concern is stability; then followed by price and then speed. My system:

P4 2.533Ghz w/ 533FSB (standard fan)
Asus P4PE (this board now supports 800FSB)
*512MB (1x512) DDR333 Kingston RAM

*I need more memory, so I want to upgrade the RAM to 1GB of DDR400 (PC3200). Why? My goal is to add a new CPU in the next 18 months that supports the 800mhz FSB (I am hoping the board will support a 3.6-3.8Ghz chip by then and they will be available for the 478 core).

Overclocking is just a temporary solution for some more speed.

So, I need some advice on purchases:

#1 -- RAM. I want to keep the cost low, but want decent stuff. I was thinking since I am planning to use the RAM at the 800FSB down the road anyhow w/ a new CPU, some (I am thinking) DDR400 RAM would do well now for overclocking and also work natively when I upgrade. Am I mistaken on this? Also, any thoughts on the 1GB of RAM I plan to get: should I get 2x512 or 1x1024? I do not see using the RAM in another system (my next system, in ~2 1/2 or so years, will use DDR2 or whatever is best then). Finally, I have seen 512MB DDR400 for under $60 (Generic), and have found some Kingston for $75, and Corsair Value Select for $82. What are the pros and cons with these or some other RAM for what I am doing.

I could be wrong, but since I will be OC the FSB below speeds the RAM is rated for I do not *think* I will need any special/super expensive RAM. Please correct me if I am wrong (again, I am new to this!)

#2 -- Fan/Heatsink. Any affordable suggestions? has a lot of variety. I just want something that will keep my chip cool so I do not fry it :) I would like to keep it under $30 for the fan.

#3 -- What should I expect from a P4 2.533? Any ballpark guestimates? I have heard of people getting 2.94Ghz with this chip and MB combo. Anyone else do a similar OC in the past and have suggestions?

Thanks for your time :)
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  1. You could try for 3166MHz and 166MHz FSB, and RAM synchronous.

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