Good Racing Game?

Hi Guys,

I'm looking for a good racing game on PC, one which has improvements, ability to buy cars etc.

If it could be something like NFS Underground 2 I'd love it. I've played all the NFS series games and I can openly say that the newest "Most Wanted" is a joke.

Another favourite of mine was Midnight Club LA on Ps3.
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  1. Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed (yeah its 10 years old but still awsome).You can also buy many cars(only porsche-s although :-P)
    Shift 2-great game
    GRID 2(its coming in May 2013) -today new preview came out ----

    Also you can browse and choose between many great racing game starting from highest rating ---
  2. Sorry for nfs porsche and shift 2 ,didint see you write that you played all of the nfs series.
    It just seems 10 years ago there was bigger collection of good racing game for choose comparing to thesedays where most of them went to consoles or just stop existing
  3. Dirt 3
  4. I really wished to find other street racing games where you could buy and sell cars and upgrade them as you wish. Like NFS underground 2/carbon./Midnight Club LA.

    Does Dirt 3 still offer customization? Even though it is offroading?
  5. Not much customization.Much different cars yes.There are many roads also.Fun game.
    Did you tried game Juiced/juiced 2 already?

    I think its for PC too.
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