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I am looking for a comfortable and of course quality gaming mouse. I do not game FPS on my PC, only on my console. I do a good chunk of MMO and RTS gaming on my PC. I am looking for a NON grid style MMO/RTS mouse.

I have considered the Corsair Vengeance M90 Performance MMO Gaming Mouse

I like the type of layout offered in this style of mouse, I do NOT like the grid style of the Razer Naga, it is just a preferance of mine. I would GREATLY appreciate any suggestions for a MMO / RTS mouse with a button layout non grid style. Please post any mouse you think fits in this category!

Thank You!
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  1. I didn't like the grid style of the Razr Naga either..... Then I realized that it's MUCH easier to be able to "feel" for which button number you're looking for with an easy visual of the keypad in your head as opposed to trying to memorize the buttons based on rough positioning and size.
    Sure the grid layout is kinda boring and it's not the coolest looking of the gaming mice on the planet.... But the layout is SUPER EASY to use. I spent 20 min with the mouse set to "Num Lock" just doing some random calculations to get the "feel" for the key locations. Now I LOVE this mouse!
    In the end.... the opponents in the MMO I'm playing don't know how ugly my mouse is... so I don't care... as long as I'm winning!

  2. The Rat series are worth checking out, I bought the 9 a few months back as my first gaming mouse and am very happy with it,
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