good 80mm case fans?

can anyone recommend any good 80mm case fans at a decent price, <$20 CDN ($15USD)?
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  1. Generally just go buy one, any one.

    A lot of people like the Panaflow fans, they are known for being high quality and quiet.

    I say just save your money and order a cheap one, I personally spent $2.95 (USD), on my last 6 and all have been running at 4000 RPM, for roughly a year, with no problems.

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  2. I prefer Panaflow fans. They normally cost around $4 each, but you can often find them at electronics clearence houses for around $2 each.

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  3. Pick some up for me. :)

    Got a LAN Party that you want people to know about?

    Let me know about it. :smile:
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