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I've decided to move back into the single player realm after a good chunk in the multiplayer aspect of games. The issue is that Im at a loss for what games to play. I really enjoy open world and rpg games, but so long as the game has a good story and characters, I'm up for anything.

Games I've liked:
The entire Elderscrolls series
The fallout series
Mafia 2
LA noire
Far cry 3
Bioshock series

Games I for some reason can't get into:
The mass effect series
Just cause 2
call of duty
Jrpgs (excluding the final fantasy series)

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  1. You have choices of DOOM 3, F.E.A.R. Series, Dead Space, Crysis 3, Borderlands 2 if you don't have it, Dragon Age Series if you like RPG's that isn't from Japan, and the Alan Wake Series as well are good too. Try Alice: Madness Returns, it's different than inFamous but felt the same to me. You have RAGE and Payday: The Heist. The Witcher Series is good too. Diablo and Starcraft Series are good as well. Hope this helps. =)
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