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Swiftech Heatsinks and Delta Fan to loud

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August 13, 2004 3:19:31 PM

I have a Swiftech MC462 and a Delta FFB0812EHE Fan. The problem is the noise, do you have any ideas? The Voltage is at 7 but it is not really better. It looks like this:

Thanks for Help!

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August 14, 2004 1:31:18 PM

Change the fan on it, you could switch to a quieter fan.

Other option may be to use sound deadening mat inside your PC Case to try and quiet it down.

If your temps are ok with the fan at 7 volts, you could try adding in some resistors to bring the fan speed down some more.

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August 16, 2004 2:05:23 AM

Try one of those zalman fan speed controllers (fanmate I and II). You can find a good noise to temp ratio very quickly and easily.
August 18, 2004 4:36:22 AM

That Delta is a dual blade design and the noise level is huge due to the airflow between the two sets of blades. Yes it move a ton of air but it is not a great fan. Check out the air presure to air flow chart found <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>. (Look under the 80mm fans)

See the huge kink in the line. When looking for a fan you want a straight line across is closest to the top right hand corner.

There are a lot of good fans at 80mm.

As for 80mm fans, yours is rated at 52.5dBA at 5700RPM. A rheostat could help control the speed but if you look at that graph, when you decrease the power the line shift down and to the left. (AKA one line down.) On a fan like that you loose a lot of CFM/mm^3 when you decrease the power.

Say you slow the fan down to 3400RPM. The airflow is then down to 45.2CFM and is at 39.0dBA. The YS Tech <A HREF="" target="_new">YW08025012BS</A> can do 48.5CFM at 37.0dBA.

However, you might want to get the 92mm conversion pins and go with 92mm instead of 80mm.

92mm fans can get you even more airflow at a lower dBA.

Is there an airflow that you are looking for? What kind of heat disipation are you looking for? In your current configuration you should get about 0.16 C/W to 0.20 C/W depeding on the processor. Putting a lower CFM fan will raise those figures and the resulting CPU temperatures.

What CPU model is it for? What speed are you running that Athlon at?


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