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Hi guys, thanks for reading this. i've recently purchased dell XPS8500 for about what would translate into 1435$. even though i believe computers in general are pretty pricey in my country i still assumed that a game like mass effect 3 would run nicely on it giving its cost. now i haven't tried other games yet but i updated the display card drivers but still the frame rate is horrible around 10-30. lowering resolution and graphics to minimum helps just abit but it shouldn't be a solution.
I dont understand much in computers so i just hope i was not conned or anything which is what brings me here:
Dell inc. XPS 8500
windows 7 proffesional 64-bit
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3370 CPU @ 3.40 GHZ (8 CPUS), ~3.4GHZ
8192MB RAM
NVIDIA Geforce 620 GT - 1GB RAM
1TB space at the hard disk

so should it be able to run ok with these specs?
thanks alot in advance

by the way, i did look for solutions such as turning off origin in-game. didnt help im afraid.
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  1. sorry to say it but that gt620 is a rubbish graphics card

    about £35 new in the uk
  2. yep a good system spoiled by a terrible gfx card. what you have is a media center thats good for browsing and video, useless for gaming.
    all because of the gfx. the rest of the system is good but the gfx sux.
  3. as hexit says most of the rest of it is ok

    but for the equivalent of $1435

    not as good as it should be

    out of interest which country are you in?
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